My enduring passion for tribal art was shaped by an initial 4 year journey through the African continent, beginning with a ferry to Tangier and finally reaching Cape Town with a much altered view of the world. A view from the inside – new colours, smells and an insight into lives and cultures – rarely glimpsed outside books, museums and documentary. As a result of that journey I have developed an interest in antique Tribal artefacts, with an interest in African, Aboriginal and Oceanic ethnographic item.

It has been my aim to both collect and sell, satisfying my desire for knowledge and the excitement of the discovery of unusual and classic pieces. In the process of gathering knowledge and an extensive collection, I have developed sound relationships with tribal art enthusiasts and collectors who share the same aesthetic taste and interest in the life story and context of each item. The route to these relationships has been strengthened by trade of carefully vetted and mutually appreciated items once used in rituals, warfare and daily life.

The pieces I choose all combine a mixture of ingredients: the carvers’ skill at balancing detail with expression, rarity, colour, beauty and age.

Everything sold is personally guaranteed to be authentic and as described. Each piece will include a summary of its collection history and place of origin.

I am happy to help with any of the following:

Selling of single pieces and collections

Enjoy exploring my website. If you have any comments or would like to discuss anything relating to any item please contact me.