Australia's Aborigines  
Aboriginal Australia   Aboriginal Australia
Cooper, Carol; Eric Rowlison; Howard Morphy; John Mulvaney; Nicolas Peterson

This is an essential reference book for collectors and scholars of Australian Aboriginal material culture. There are 329 illustrated examples (including 24 colour plates) of Aboriginal artifacts with brief descriptions of each. The items are drawn from the collections of the National Gallery of Victoria, Australian Museum, Northern Territory Museums and Art Galleries, South Australian Museum, Burke Memorial Museum, Aboriginal Arts Board, Queensland Museum, National Museum of Victoria, Art Gallery of NSW, National Ethnographic Collection (AIATSIS), Macleay Museum etc. Includes photographs and descriptions of parrying and broad shields, boomerangs, clubs, baskets, bark paintings, cylcons, stone tools, body ornaments, rock art, leangles, spearthrowers, spears etc. Much of the material is of 19th century origin with documented provenance.
The book is 192 pages long and in soft cover. It was only published once in 1981. Somewhat scarce title.